Echo from the Community

Bonangang ghetto in Bonamousadi, Douala

Youths from Wealthy families influence more youths into using illicit Drugs

For the past months we have intensified our anti drug community out reach sensitisation campaign at the Bonangang neibourhood of Bonamousadi Douala.We discovered many of the youths come from well to do homes.In most psychoactive substance consumption joints, respect is bestowed on the big spenders.An Addict from a very rich background stands with high esteem amoung his peers .He leads the conversation in a way that no one contradicts his naratives.Every utterance of his is conrect.

Talla’s father is an international business man.When he returned from a trip overseas he brought Talla a new pair of shoes. Talla was so excitted to wear his new shoe to the river side location.After consuming marijuana and crack,he told the rest of the youths he’s a science student on a long break period from school,he said in his class he is the one who corrects the teacher each time he makes a mistake.Talla said sir Isaac Newton never combed his hair and he oiled it with Marijuana which he smoked from day to day for extra intelligence.All the youths were mavelled, Eric wanted to know if Isaac Newton is still having the rest of the hair oil and if Talla could get it from Isaac Newton on his way back home.Our team member asked Eric; Do you know the Isaac Newton he’s talking about? Eric replied yes, he once lived behind our house,he always refused to shave,now he lives in Bonamousadi.

Many of the youths we met are aware of the dangers of psychoactive substances but they fail to admit marijuana is dangerous, Titus, an internally displaced from the north west region could say it loud that Marijuana was sent to earth by the wise king solomon,he claims it grew on his grave.As earlier stated,Bonangang is pleagued by youths from well to do homes in Bonamousadi showing some generousity by providing drugs to those who can’t afford therefore influencing their drug habbit.At the end of our conversation with them, we received a call from a woman whose son aged 20 has been abusing drugs for the past 4 years.His story we will be publishing in our next post

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