Roots Of Freedom Initiative

A lifestyle free from drugs, A “birth place” through which lives are re-born, lost hopes rebuilt 

The Impact Of Drugs Abuse In The Society

Drug abuse is a burden and a major obstacle towards the self-development, mental stability, of a drug addict. It’s a root cause of negative health consequences experienced by addicts while imposing a heavy financial deficit on the individual, families and society.


According to a report made by Cameroon’s Anti-Drug National Committee on Narcotic Consumption, 21% of Cameroonians have already consumed hard drugs while 10% of Cameroonians are frequent consumers   including 60% of youths aged 20-25yrs old.

The Fight Of ROFI

We are offering Preventive Education and alternative methods of recreation for youths involved in drug addiction in order:

  • To discourage the use and abuse of drugs and other intoxicating substances in the society.
  • To promote a society free from addiction, through conscientisation and orientation of the ills of drugs abuse.
  • To engage,follow up and provide moral assistance to drug addicts who are in the process of convalescence.
  • To organise and provide counseling to youths and other members of the society guiding them against drug abuse and other addictive substances.
  • To work in close collaboration with rehabilitation centers and other professional institutions dealing with addicts.

Our Activities

Sensitization campaigns

We organise sensitization campaigns  in schools,Ghettos and communities. aimed at addressing  Drug abuse and drug addiction in our communities.

Meet up forums

We organise meet up forums for ex drug addicts to share their experience.

Health assistance

We provide health assistance to victims of drug abuse related health consequences .


We Conduct research  on drug use amoung youths in our communities.